ittibit infant & toddler bibs
ittibit bib shapes

ittibit bibs are made out of 100% cotton fabric with Velcro closures. Some bibs require 100% polyester details and closures. Bibs may be pre-treated with a 100% safe, earth friendly, water-based water and oil repellant for an additional dollar per item. Each is machine wash and dry. Custom orders are welcome.
"wiggle worm"
"china garden"
"paisley sundae"

ittibit reversible burp cloth/quick changers
The ittibit reversible burp cloth/quick changer is a multi use item that can truly be used in both ways. Made from 100% absorbent cotton with a fully-lined backing, each is available with or without a pocket. Machine wash and dry. Custom orders are welcome.

  • ittibit lined burp cloth/quick changer w/o pocket: $15.00
  • ittibit lined burp cloth/quick changer w/ single panel pocket: $17.00
  • ittibit lined burp cloth/quick changer w/ tri-panel pocket: $22.00
  • ittibit hand-embroidered monogram on pocket: $10.00 per letter, name quotes by request.
    "doggie bone"
    "dog house"

    ittibit diaper covers and rumba rumps
    Diaper covers are available for both boys and girls. Girls diaper covers are also available in "rumba rump". Newborn through 24 month sizes available.

    Each is made of 100% cotton and "sparkle baby" are made from 100% polyester metallic, sequin dot material. Like all ittibit items, diaper covers are completely finished with no raw edges or serged seams or hems. They are French seamed and elasticized at the waist and legs. Leg casings are made with bias tape to protect little legs, especially "sparkle baby" covers. Machine wash and dry. Custom orders are welcome.

  • ittibit diaper cover: $20 ea.
  • ittibit rumba rump diaper cover: $30 ea.
  • ittibit "sparkle baby" diaper cover": $25 ea.
  • ittibit rumba rump "sparkle baby" diaper cover": $35 ea.
  • ittibit rumba rump "all lace" diaper cover": $35 ea.

    Diaper Cover
    Rumba Rump (Cotton)
    Rumba Rump "Sparkle Baby"
    Rumba Rump "All Lace"

    ittibit baby & toddler slippers
    Why ittibit was born: ittibit baby and toddler slippers are fully lined, use baby-elastic around the ankle and have a jiffy grip, non-slip sole. Each is made from a variety of cotton fabrics, cotton flannel and fleece. Many are are embelished with polyester details like rick rack and gross grain ribbon. Each is machine wash and dry. Custom orders are welcome starting at $22.00 a pair.
    "hoot polka"
    "sparkle baby"
    "hot gingham"

    ittibit baby full kits
    Wouldn't it be fun to have a bib that matches your burp cloth that also matches your slippers and maybe even your baby's favorite quilt or lovie? I thought so, too. ittibit full kits are available by custom order.
    "lil sushi"
    "puppy patchwork"
    "veggie patch"

    ittibit baby tag quilts & tummy-time mats
    "on the farm"
    After ittibit slippers came ittibit tag quilts, playmats and lovies. Quilts quickly became a favorite gift for new parents.

    ittibit tag quilts are made from a 100% cotton quilted top made from quilting-grade flannel attached to a one-piece fleece backing. 100% polyester satin and gross grain ribbons are cut, steamed, ends melted and stitched into the quilted top and re-stitched when the top and bottom are attached.

    There is no batting within these quilts as the combination of fleece and flannel is suprisingly warm without being bulky. All edges are completely finished and safe for baby.

    Each is machine wash and dry.

    Custom orders are welcome, quotes upon request. Monogramming available.

    If you have an ittibit tag quilt, please email your photo to me.

    ittibit baby fonts
    Below are the 2011 fonts used for ittibit monograming. At this time, all monograming is done by hand with embroidered split stich. ittibit monograms start at $10.00 per letter. Name quotes are done by request.

    ittibit monograms