Sara with her daughters in
Truly homemade with love for your 'itti ones.
Sara Charbonneau, Owner and Creative Director of is a stay-at-home mother of three daughters ranging in age from one to six years old. For years, she has created her own patterns and designs and troubleshooted her own mommy problems. Now, through, she is sharing her solutions with you.

Her best kept secrets cover unique bib designs and fabric treatments to keep our children clean and safe at mealtimes, safely and comfortably covering newly walking feet, keeping our little girls "lady-like" and her techniques for creating truly water-resistant korker ribbon hair bows that are even stable enough for the beach, pool and a run through the washing machine.

Her custom work is a celebration of the child it was designed for. She loves working one-on-one with her clients to make the item(s) you dreamed of. is not a reseller of others' goods. Many baby and children's goods sellers are just that; they sell stock items and personalize and embellish them and pass them off as their own. This is not what is. patterns and styles are completely original and everything is 100% made in-house, within the ittibit workshop.

   Sara Charbonneau
Owner, Creative Director
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